Studio City Cinemas

Blackmore Marketplace: Studio City Cinemas

CEPI designed Blackmore Marketplace Business Park, a 15-acre business park in East Casper, Wyoming. It was surveyed for existing ground conditions and plated to make several parcels of land. The design work on the project included grading, 2000 feet of water line, and 1000 feet of sanitary sewer. In addition, CEPI studied the storm drainage and designed a detention area and storm system for the business park.

Within Blackmore Marketplace Business Park, Studio City Cinemas were constructed in 2008. The 10 theaters at Studio City reside in a 25,000 square foot building on a 5-acre lot. Upon completion of the business park, CEPI designed Studio City Cinemas. CEPI submitted a site plan to the City of Casper, which was approved by the city council. Upon approval, construction documents were developed. CEPI also performed construction inspection and staking of the site during construction.

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